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Time and Relative Deductions in Space

On Wednesday I went to The Doctor Who Experience in London’s Olympia 2 for the 6th time. 6th…I must be insane!
Anyway I went with @mellywho, @issyvb, @bindiyayagnik, @zygoncurry and @doktorwatson a) because it’s moving to Cardiff next week and b) as a belated birthday thing for Mel and an early birthday thing for Bindiya (send them Birthday love!). Had an amazing time, thank you so much guys!

The birthdays gave me the perfect excuse to do a bit of Doctor Who Baking! (any excuse 😛 )

So I came up with this as a crossover between Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes:

Still a little bit wibbly, but about a million times beter than my last attempt at a TARDIS Cake. I’m teaching myself all of this stuff so it’s really trial and improvement more than anything else.

Just wanna say a big thank you to the security folk at the DWE for hiding the cake from Mel and Bindiya for us and for not eadting it while they were looking after it! 😛


Happy Birthday Tavisode!

Warning: This post may contain overly sappy material. Please feel free to skip to the pictures!

Ok…..so the anniversary was in May, so I’m a little late, but meh. HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY TAVISODE!!

For those of you who don’t know, once a month I meet up with a bunch of Doctor Who fans at the pub. We’re not actually meant to talk about Doctor Who (no, really. There’s a rule!), but we always end up on the subject somehow. Anyways the group has now been going for 5 years and last month was the anniversary of the very first meet up. Continue reading

Gingerbread TARDIS by @mellywho

This has been a long time in the making, but Mel finally made the gingerbread TARDIS we had discussed aaaaaages ago. And bloody brilliant it was too!

Here’s a pic, click on the link below for her post about how she made it.

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Time Vortex Cupcakes

No clever puns for you today, just a new design of cupcake that I’ve made for my Doctor Who Tour to Cardiff tomorrow:

They kinda looks like this, right?

I am just in awe of these guys. They are AMAZING!!!

I am not worthy:


I should just give up now. I am /never/ going to be this good *sigh*


The Big Baking Bang

Inspired by The Big Bang 2 (Electric Boogaloo) and this amazing van Gogh wibbly wobbly explodey wodey painting:

I give you my favourite Doctor Who Baking creation so far:

Console Cake!

My favourite TARDIS console (from the 1996 TV Movie) in cake form!

To compare here’s a picture I drew of the console (apparently there are none in the WHOLE of the internet!):

And a real pic (unfortunately my cake doesn’t come with Paul McGann):

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This week I made a TARDIS cake for my cousin for his 11th birthday. I’ve been debating whether to post it here for a couple of days because I’m not overally happy with it (it all went a little bit Pete Tong) and there are much better examples out there, but I’ve had some lovely feedback from people on twitter so I figured what the hell.

Also if you’re attempting to make your own TARDIS cake after seeing this then I guess it will help you to avoid the mistakes that I made.

So here’s the final product, I dressed the cake up with a Gallifrey background and little gingerbread Doctors to a) finish it off nicely and b) distract from the fat TARDIS 😛

Evidently I need to brush up on my transdimensional mechanics to get the outside smaller than the inside 😛 Wonder if there’s anything about that in @DoktorWatson‘s  cookbook? http://twitpic.com/1c045w

For those of you interested in how I made it:

  • I baked a normal sponge cake in a square tin, cut it in half and placed one half on top of the other using cream and jam to join them (i.e. a Victoria sponge)
  • I then placed the cake in the freezer for about 20 minutes. This makes the cake easier to cut and shape when making a cake like this.
  • When taken out of the freezer I turned the cake on its end (so the layers were vertical instead of hortizontal on a normal cake) and levelled it out, cutting it into a oblong, TARDIS like shape.
  • I then coloured some fondant icing and cut out the shape of the TARDIS and stuck it to the cake with cream. Use a little water to go over joins in the icing.
  • Using another sponge cake I had baked and frozen for 20 mins I cut out the top section of the TARDIS and wrapped it in blue fondant icing and placed it on top – this is where the cake decided it would buckle and from there on out it was a bit of a struggle to keep the thing standing.
  • There are 2 main reasons I’m guessing that the cake collapsed. 1) the cake was freshly baked. I would suggest baking the cake at least a day before building up the cake and icing it. 2) I used vertical layers. I would suggest using thin, horizontal layers to avoid this.
  • In the end I took off the top of the cake and reinforced the base with straws (these are better to use that wooden splints/skewers, especially if the cake is for a child).
  • When I fixed it as much as I could (and after much stressing and swearing, I might add) I decorated the rest of the TARDIS using coloured fondant icing for the details (the sign, the light etc) and stuck them on with water. I finished it off by writing the signs and drawing the window details with icing pens.

Well, I hope that helps! If you do have any questions about how I made the cake/decorated it you can comment on this post and I’ll reply or alternatively you can say hello on twitter ( @Nelle_Macbeth)

P.S Massive thanks goes out to Ingrid who gave me all her fondant icing and colouring materials and also helped me to save the cake from being a complete disaster and refused to let me give up. Thank yoooooou!!!! xxx