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Cupcakes of Death @ DWNY.org

Just found this little vid on the “Sillyness” [sic] section of http://www.DWNY.org and thought I’d share.

Love the use of candles on the little Daleks šŸ˜€

Cupcakes of Death

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Ok….not really…..

Hello everyone!

Its been quite a while since my last post, but there’s been a few things going on here and there and well, I haven’t really baked anything new and didn’t really want to bore you all with details of me making the same old, same old gingerbread Doctors, Daleks and Cupcakes of Rassilon.

But basically that is what I have been doing for various events and what not……..

On Saturday 24th July I went to the Doctor Who Proms! Yay! It was absolutely amazing. I ended up queuing for a good 5 or 6 hours outside the Royal Albert Hall with a couple of people I had met at the Eleventh Hour launch party back in April.

As promised I had make a stupid amount of gingerbread Doctors and companions……..

I also made some chocolate biscuit Daleks (in the same style as the gingerbread ones I have made before) for those who didn’t like gingerbread.

Anyways…I ended up making quite a few friends in the queue by handing them out. The gingerbread even managed to get onto BBC News! LOL

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The BBC Doctor Who website has a lovely video of legendary Blue Peter presenter Valerie Singleton making a variety of Dalek goodies from 1966.


There’s a Dalek cake.

A Dalek made from marshmallows and a chocolate cream walnut.

And a savoury version make from sandwhiches!

Why not try making some yourself in the run up to Saturday’s episode Victory of the Daleks.

Unfortunately the video is only available to watch in the UK.


Thanks to @DoktorWaston for the link šŸ™‚

According to The Doctor, Humans are the only race in the universe that have invented edible ball bearings. Why not celebrate that fact by using them to make Dalek biscuits!

Well that’s how I spent my Sunday anyways (my sadness surprises even me sometimes).

I used the same recipe as the gingerbread Doctors (I will get round to doing some new stuff soon, promise) and added the ball bearings on as the Dalek “bumps”.

I cut each Dalek out by hand, so they’re vary slightly in their sizes/shape. I’m sure you can get a cookie cutter in the shape of a Dalek from somewhere.

And that’s about it really. Here are some pics:

And a close up: