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Time Vortex Cupcakes

No clever puns for you today, just a new design of cupcake that I’ve made for my Doctor Who Tour to Cardiff tomorrow:

They kinda looks like this, right?

Pyramids of Mars(Bars) Cupcakes

Completely deviating from my original plan for Pyramids of Mars(Bars), but I think they actually came out better than what I had planned:

I used a normal cupcake recipe with Mars Bar icing (see below the pictures for the recipe).

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Cupcakes of Death @ DWNY.org

Just found this little vid on the “Sillyness” [sic] section of http://www.DWNY.org and thought I’d share.

Love the use of candles on the little Daleks 😀

Cupcakes of Death

You can follow DWNY on twitter.

And while we’re on the subject of twitter, here’s a shameless plug (sorry!!):

You can now follow me on my work account, @DW_Tours, for updates and news about my Doctor Who Tours or visit our website for information about and to book a place on said tours here: Brit Movie Tours: Doctor Who Bus Tours


Been meaning to do this for a while, but never got round to it.

So, remember my Cupcakes of Rassilon?

Well, they’re are so good, that they even have approval from the Torchwood Babiez. The Doctor and Bob the Dalek, specifically.

For those of you not familiar with Torchwood Babiez, it is an awesome comic about the adventures of the Torchwood crew, the 10th Doctor, Rose, and Bob the Dalek. It is both funny and completely adorable. You can find it here: http://tw-babiez.livejournal.com/

Anyways, you lot probably don’t care, but I was well chuffed that they approved even though they are fictional characters!! :p

Here’s what they had to say:

Bob the Dalek can be found on twitter here: @BobtheDalek

Baby 10 can be found on twitter here: @BabiezDoctor

The Cupcakes of Rassilon

The Cupcakes of Rassilon

Don’t really know where the idea came from for these. Its a simple cupcake recipe.

100g self raising flour

100g caster sugar

100g butter

2 eggs

tsp baking powder

and I like to add a tsp of vanilla essence

For the topping I just used normal icing sugar for the base and one of those icing tubes you can get for the detail and copied this picture of the Seal of Rassilon: