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Bow Ties are Cool

Not the most exciting post ever, but I made some Shortbread bow ties. Here are some of my friends modelling them….

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The Pandoricake Opens….

This post contains spoilers for the episode The Pandorica Opens. You have be warned.

Inspired by a Pandoricake @Benjamin_Cook made ( http://twitpic.com/1y9n7p ) last week and encouraged by @DoktorWatson I decided to make my own Pandoricake to hold a gingerbread Doctor.

It ummmmm was a slight disaster to begin with and ended up having to be cut down in size massively……

(or it experienced a Big Bang as one of my tweeps decided to point out)

Anyways after much stressing I managed to fix it (sort of). Here’s the result:

I also made a little gingerbread Doctor, Amy, Rory the Roman, and River Song to go with the cake:

The Pandoricake Opens……

So, that’s the Pandoricake. I shall be munching it on it during The Big Bang tonight. Hope everyone enjoys the finale!