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U.N.I.T Cupcakes and Ginger-Brig Men

In honour of Nicholas Courtney and The Brigadier:

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Meeting a Slitheen!

Since this blog is named for the home planet of the Slitheen, I couldn’t resist having my photo taken with a Slitheen when I met one at the Doctor Who Experience in London.

Wish I’d taken some baked goods to offer him now…..

More of my photos of the experience can be seen here: The Doctor Who Experience Preview 18/02/2011

Cupcakes of Death @

Just found this little vid on the “Sillyness” [sic] section of and thought I’d share.

Love the use of candles on the little Daleks 😀

Cupcakes of Death

You can follow DWNY on twitter.

And while we’re on the subject of twitter, here’s a shameless plug (sorry!!):

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I am just in awe of these guys. They are AMAZING!!!

I am not worthy:

I should just give up now. I am /never/ going to be this good *sigh*


This cake….is me….

As suggested by my friend Mike, I made a Chamelion Arch Fob Watch as seen in 3 of my most favourite New Who episodes Human Nature, Family of Blood, and Utopia.

I’d just like to point out at this point that Gallifreyan writing is bloody hard to do with icing! Where’s River Song when you need her, eh? 😉

And if you need a comparison:

Don’t think I did too bad a job…….in fact I can’t bear to eat it, tis still in the cupbaord. I hope it doesn’t stay there as long as the little Hartnell, Pertwee, and McGann gingerbread men (from my first ever DW baking session) that have lived in the kitchen with a little vamilla biscuit me since February! (Jeeeez I am a dork!)

Since I make Doctor Who cakes and there was the birthday of a certain Time Lord on the 23rd November I thought it would be appropriate to make some sort of cake.

Wasn’t sure how I could encompass all 47 years, but ended up going with dividing the cake up into 12 sections and assigning a section to each Doctor with one left over, which I used for the number 47. Each Doc is represented by part of his costume (9’s is a bit boring I’m afraid…).

Anywys here’s how it turned out:

Not the most exciting post ever, but I made some Shortbread bow ties. Here are some of my friends modelling them….

On a side note, you can now “Like” Snacks-acoricofallapatorius on Facebook. Come say hello! 😀


The Big Baking Bang

Inspired by The Big Bang 2 (Electric Boogaloo) and this amazing van Gogh wibbly wobbly explodey wodey painting:

I give you my favourite Doctor Who Baking creation so far:

Console Cake!

My favourite TARDIS console (from the 1996 TV Movie) in cake form!

To compare here’s a picture I drew of the console (apparently there are none in the WHOLE of the internet!):

And a real pic (unfortunately my cake doesn’t come with Paul McGann):

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Ok….not really…..

Hello everyone!

Its been quite a while since my last post, but there’s been a few things going on here and there and well, I haven’t really baked anything new and didn’t really want to bore you all with details of me making the same old, same old gingerbread Doctors, Daleks and Cupcakes of Rassilon.

But basically that is what I have been doing for various events and what not……..

On Saturday 24th July I went to the Doctor Who Proms! Yay! It was absolutely amazing. I ended up queuing for a good 5 or 6 hours outside the Royal Albert Hall with a couple of people I had met at the Eleventh Hour launch party back in April.

As promised I had make a stupid amount of gingerbread Doctors and companions……..

I also made some chocolate biscuit Daleks (in the same style as the gingerbread ones I have made before) for those who didn’t like gingerbread.

Anyways…I ended up making quite a few friends in the queue by handing them out. The gingerbread even managed to get onto BBC News! LOL

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