What to say…what to say…ummmm Basically this is a blog charting my attempts at baking various things related to Doctor Who (I’ve had a lot of time on my hands recently, ok?).

What started off as a silly attempt at making gingerbread Doctors for a party has kind of snowballed. I’m now baking stuff on a regular basis and feeding them to unsuspecting Whovians on my Doctor Who Locations Tour and at the pub. Even Steven Moffatt has eaten my Doctor Who Baking!

Please feel free to try some of the ideas on here and let me know how they go. Also if you’ve created some of your own Doctor Who baking stuff get in touch and I’ll link it from the blog.

Ideas are also appreciated. The cheesier the pun, the better! 😛

Thanks go to Jay (@Momquab) for coming up with the name Snacks-acoricofallapatorius and numerous other ideas with Doctor Who puns in their names.

Martin (@m_robertson_UK) also helped out on that front and his idea for the name of the blog (The Tom Bakery) came a very close second. Martin now holds the role of Chief Pun Thinker-Upperer (He’s very good at it).

So, that’s it really. If you have any questions about the site I probably won’t be able to help as I don’t really have a clue what I’m doing, but feel free to ask me anything about the baking/making part!