I Have just got home from a lecture/Q&A session at UCL entitled “Archaeological Discovery, Tutankhamen and Cybermen” (and you thought I couldn’t get any more geeky). We got to watch a documentary feature from the new Tomb of the Cybermen re-release DVD about Egyptology and it’s influence on the serial followed by a Q&A about it. We then got to have a look around the Petrie Archaeology Museum and have a drink. Twas all rather lovely 🙂

Today is also @DoktorWatson‘s birthday, so combining the two events I made this Tomb of the Cybermen inspired birthday cake:

[Wordpress is being mean and not letting me upload my own pic. This is courtestyy of @NMatthews68, thank you! I will update this when it allows me. My pic was taken before the cake went slightly melty on the tube!]

Happy Birthday Mr Watson! 😀