Easter is just around the corner kids, and I have been waiting all year to use this pun! (Yes, yes, I am a dork).

Not technically baking, but I give you Kinda Surprise Eggs:

Yes, that is the Mara coming out of an Easter egg….surely that’s better than any of the toys you get in Kinder Surprise? 😉

I used Easter egg moulds from Lakeland, which can be found here.

I wanted to use those long jelly snakes that you can get, but couldn’t find them anywhere so ended up using long fondant filled strawberry lace type things. They actually worked quite well and were the same colour as the Mara. I then finished them of by cutting a slit in the end to make a mouth and decorating with eyes and tongue using icing tubes.

So now, if you’re as geeky as and have as much time as me, you too can have Doctor Who themed Easter eggs…..or, you know, you could just buy them in the shops…..

Anyways, Happy Easter folks! And Happy Series 6/32/Otter!