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This cake….is me….

As suggested by my friend Mike, I made a Chamelion Arch Fob Watch as seen in 3 of my most favourite New Who episodes Human Nature, Family of Blood, and Utopia.

I’d just like to point out at this point that Gallifreyan writing is bloody hard to do with icing! Where’s River Song when you need her, eh? 😉

And if you need a comparison:

Don’t think I did too bad a job…….in fact I can’t bear to eat it, tis still in the cupbaord. I hope it doesn’t stay there as long as the little Hartnell, Pertwee, and McGann gingerbread men (from my first ever DW baking session) that have lived in the kitchen with a little vamilla biscuit me since February! (Jeeeez I am a dork!)


Since I make Doctor Who cakes and there was the birthday of a certain Time Lord on the 23rd November I thought it would be appropriate to make some sort of cake.

Wasn’t sure how I could encompass all 47 years, but ended up going with dividing the cake up into 12 sections and assigning a section to each Doctor with one left over, which I used for the number 47. Each Doc is represented by part of his costume (9’s is a bit boring I’m afraid…).

Anywys here’s how it turned out:

Not the most exciting post ever, but I made some Shortbread bow ties. Here are some of my friends modelling them….

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