Ok….not really…..

Hello everyone!

Its been quite a while since my last post, but there’s been a few things going on here and there and well, I haven’t really baked anything new and didn’t really want to bore you all with details of me making the same old, same old gingerbread Doctors, Daleks and Cupcakes of Rassilon.

But basically that is what I have been doing for various events and what not……..

On Saturday 24th July I went to the Doctor Who Proms! Yay! It was absolutely amazing. I ended up queuing for a good 5 or 6 hours outside the Royal Albert Hall with a couple of people I had met at the Eleventh Hour launch party back in April.

As promised I had make a stupid amount of gingerbread Doctors and companions……..

I also made some chocolate biscuit Daleks (in the same style as the gingerbread ones I have made before) for those who didn’t like gingerbread.

Anyways…I ended up making quite a few friends in the queue by handing them out. The gingerbread even managed to get onto BBC News! LOL

The BBC had sent Lizo “Newsround” Mzimba down to cover the event/us geeks queuing, while I avoided the cameras as much as possible the others got filmed with my little gingerbread Docs. Apparently it was on the telly, but I’ve yet to see it so if anyone has seen any clips etc, please send them my way. I was very disappointed that Lizo didn’t want to to take one 😦

Doctor Who Confidential were also knocking about. Not sure if they got any shots of my creations, but will be looking out for it when the Proms are shown later in the year. Someone who definitely got interviewed was this girl, Karen, who was dressed as Amy Pond. Here she is with a little gingerbread Amy wearing the same outfit (bless her! She asked if it would create a paradox!) :

Anyway that wasn’t even the most exciting Doctor Who Baking news from the day, oh no! After the concert had finished we managed to corner Head Writer and Exceutive Producer Steven Moffat. That’s right we met The Moff himself! Being the geek that I am, I had kept back some of my gingerbread just in case and well……yes, I offered The Moff some of my Doctor Who gingerbread. Its probably right up there in the “embarrassing things Helen has done” list along with doing a Yoda impression to Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys.

Anyways he pocketed them (one Eleventh Doctor and one Rory if you were wondering) and I thought that that was that and he was just going to chuck them. However the next day I found that he had taken them home and eaten one himself and given one to his little son. So that’s just pretty awesome, huh?

Really gutted I didn’t get a picture of The Moff with the gingerbread, but here’s a good replacement….Mr Rob Shearman (Writer of Dalek and several other Doctor Who related things) quite clearly loving the gingerbread Daleks at the pub! 😀

(Let’s pretend that the whole him sueing me for breach of copyright of the Dalek image never happened, shall we 😉 )

And continuing with the theme…..Here’s Me with Matthew Waterhouse at the pub. Absolutely lovely guy.

@ZygonCurry decided he’d show Matthew a picture of my gingerbread Adric. He then asked me if I’d made a little gingerbread Zoe, which then evolved into me telling him all of the companions I had made. Someone did film Matthew’s reaction and if it turns up I’ll stick a link up here somewhere.

For now enjoy the photos Zygon took of the gingerbread Adric made, for you amusement, into a little Earthshock episode 4 GIF imagey thingymebob!!

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Sorry for the uber long post, hopefull you enjoyed the pictures if nothing else.

Won’t be starting anything new until the week after next as I am busy doing Doctor Who Tour things, attempting to cosplay for the first time, and spreading the Doctor Who baking love to those on the tour.

However we did have a lot of time to kill in the queue for the proms and came up with a lots and lots of new ideas of things for me to bake, most with absolutely terrible puns in their titles, so keep an eye out!