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The Pandoricake Opens….

This post contains spoilers for the episode The Pandorica Opens. You have be warned.

Inspired by a Pandoricake @Benjamin_Cook made ( ) last week and encouraged by @DoktorWatson I decided to make my own Pandoricake to hold a gingerbread Doctor.

It ummmmm was a slight disaster to begin with and ended up having to be cut down in size massively……

(or it experienced a Big Bang as one of my tweeps decided to point out)

Anyways after much stressing I managed to fix it (sort of). Here’s the result:

I also made a little gingerbread Doctor, Amy, Rory the Roman, and River Song to go with the cake:

The Pandoricake Opens……

So, that’s the Pandoricake. I shall be munching it on it during The Big Bang tonight. Hope everyone enjoys the finale!


Well I couldn’t let all that colourful icing from the Sixth Doctor’s cake to go to waste now could I?

And a close-up of those different colours:


Yesterday I picked up a range of food dyes from the shops (I just couldn’t resist). Here’s what I ended up using them to make:

(oh and chopsticks are great to use a paintbrushes! Who knew!)

P.S I don’t own a square cake tin, which is why the arms were stuck on afterwards.

The Macaroon Terror

Holy Macra! I really set myself a challenge this time round…..

The punning opportunities were too great to be passed up and so I attempted to make Macraoons. Yes, Macra-oons people! Macaroons that look like giant crabs, oh yes!

I have never made macaroons in my life so I got the following recipe from a family friend:


1 egg ehite

50g ground almonds

100g caster sugar

1/2 teaspoon almond essence

Additional Ingredients to decorate:


chocolate chips

tubed icing


  • Whisk egg white until stiff
  • Fold in the ground almonds, caster sugar, and almond essence
  • Spoon onto a greased baking tray
  • brush the top of each with egg white and sprinkle with ground almond
  • put in the overn at 180 degrees Celsius (Gas mark 4) for 20-25 mins until they begin to brown

Please note this recipe makes the type f macaroons that are more biscuit like (French style, maybe???)

Sooooooooooo after taking them is where the real Terror began……..

I may have been slightly ambitious, thinking I could make macaroons look like giant crabs, but I got there in the end.

Using a pair of scissors I cut out the top of the macarons to make eyestalks.

I then used chocolate tubed icing to line the eyestalks and topped them off with two little chocolate chips for eyes.

I then cut 2 almonds in half and used them as claws on each side of the macaroon using the tubed icing to stick them down.

I finished it off with a little cross in the centre to depict some sort of mouth.

This is the result, not my best work, but damn it was hard!!

More badly punned baked (and other) goodies coming your way soon…….