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Sonic Chewdriver

These guys at Dundee University may have made a real life Sonic Screwdriver this week, but is their one edible?

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Time and Relative Deductions in Space

On Wednesday I went to The Doctor Who Experience in London’s Olympia 2 for the 6th time. 6th…I must be insane!
Anyway I went with @mellywho, @issyvb, @bindiyayagnik, @zygoncurry and @doktorwatson a) because it’s moving to Cardiff next week and b) as a belated birthday thing for Mel and an early birthday thing for Bindiya (send them Birthday love!). Had an amazing time, thank you so much guys!

The birthdays gave me the perfect excuse to do a bit of Doctor Who Baking! (any excuse 😛 )

So I came up with this as a crossover between Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes:

Still a little bit wibbly, but about a million times beter than my last attempt at a TARDIS Cake. I’m teaching myself all of this stuff so it’s really trial and improvement more than anything else.

Just wanna say a big thank you to the security folk at the DWE for hiding the cake from Mel and Bindiya for us and for not eadting it while they were looking after it! 😛

I Have just got home from a lecture/Q&A session at UCL entitled “Archaeological Discovery, Tutankhamen and Cybermen” (and you thought I couldn’t get any more geeky). We got to watch a documentary feature from the new Tomb of the Cybermen re-release DVD about Egyptology and it’s influence on the serial followed by a Q&A about it. We then got to have a look around the Petrie Archaeology Museum and have a drink. Twas all rather lovely 🙂

Today is also @DoktorWatson‘s birthday, so combining the two events I made this Tomb of the Cybermen inspired birthday cake:

[Wordpress is being mean and not letting me upload my own pic. This is courtestyy of @NMatthews68, thank you! I will update this when it allows me. My pic was taken before the cake went slightly melty on the tube!]

Happy Birthday Mr Watson! 😀

Boe Cakes are Cool!

I love finding other Doctor Who related cakes, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one that does Doctor Who Baking! 😛  This is definitely one of the best that I’ve seen (seriously, how did they do it??). I can’t take credit for finding it though, that has to go to @ellanorlovecake (actually it’s her fault that I learnt to bake in the first place, so here’s a good place to blame her for my obsession!), my best friend who lives in Hetford, Hertfordshire . View full article »

Warning: This post may contain overly sappy material. Please feel free to skip to the pictures!

Ok… the anniversary was in May, so I’m a little late, but meh. HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY TAVISODE!!

For those of you who don’t know, once a month I meet up with a bunch of Doctor Who fans at the pub. We’re not actually meant to talk about Doctor Who (no, really. There’s a rule!), but we always end up on the subject somehow. Anyways the group has now been going for 5 years and last month was the anniversary of the very first meet up. View full article »

Kinda Surprise

Easter is just around the corner kids, and I have been waiting all year to use this pun! (Yes, yes, I am a dork).

Not technically baking, but I give you Kinda Surprise Eggs:

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This has been a long time in the making, but Mel finally made the gingerbread TARDIS we had discussed aaaaaages ago. And bloody brilliant it was too!

Here’s a pic, click on the link below for her post about how she made it.

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Details of the first London #Twubcrawl can be found here.

You can RSVP on Facebook, here.

You can keep up to date on the Twitter hashtag or by following the organisers @DW_Tours (this is my work account, please say hello!) and @JOITpodcast.

I will be providing free (yes, FREE) baked Doctor Who goodies at the event! Yaaay! 😀

Suggestions as to what I should make are welcome, be it something already on the blog, or something completely new.

Hope to see a lot of you there! Please spread the word and bring your friends!


No clever puns for you today, just a new design of cupcake that I’ve made for my Doctor Who Tour to Cardiff tomorrow:

They kinda looks like this, right?

Pyramids of Mars(Bars) Cupcakes

Completely deviating from my original plan for Pyramids of Mars(Bars), but I think they actually came out better than what I had planned:

I used a normal cupcake recipe with Mars Bar icing (see below the pictures for the recipe).

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